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Love and personality

Black & Gold
Diamond Solitaire
Highest Appreciation
This Diamond. As immortal as everlasting love. The memory of an unforgettable moment. Worn by his loved one.
Symbols Of Love
Symbols Of Love
Whitegolden Signs Of Love
Archaic and timeless symbols and signs that comprise personal thoughts. The expressions of love to a very special person. Made from gold and diamond.
Platinum and Titanium
High Value Components
For Your Love. The most innovative combination of the most noble and eternal materials. Platinum plus Titanium.
Titanium and Gold
Delicate, elegant and skin-friendly
This new combination of ultra-light titanium and of precious gold speaks a new language for romantic partners.
Just Move it
Gold in Motion
Appealing designs. Outer Ring and inner ring can move with respect to each other. Available in Gold or Palladium.
White Moon Sensation
Bold white gold
Golden partner rings in strikingly bold forms represent the classic partner rings of the „sensation“ series.
Unconventional ideas
The concave ring surface, specially developed, proves courage to take risks. With diamonds and in elegant gold.
Erotic and passion
Solidified lava defines the look of the volcano rings. Extravagant and sensual.
Titanium & Steel
Timeless beauty
Coolness and clarity. Light titanium and robust steel, united to harmonious rings for young partners. Diamonds are forever.
Symbols of Love
Golden Signs Of Love
Very special symbols, made from eternal gold, prove the unique bond between lovers. Pure gold and shining diamond.
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